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The GENESIS device is the gold standard for bromine generators in the spa industry. GENESIS technology is a leader in the spa industry for more than a decade. This product is proven to make your spa easier to maintain. Bromine is produced continuously by the system. It will take care of your water, so you don’t have to. The electronic bromine generator system creates bromine electronically via an electrolytic process. This eliminates the need to use conventional bromine tablets or ancillary support chemicals. GENESIS Device is the original bromine generator, and it was the first to be available on the market. GENESIS will make your spa virtually maintenance-free. GENESIS offers spa maintenance at a significant cost savings by eliminating the need to transport, store, and purchase bromine tablets. GENESIS is quickly becoming a top choice for spa manufacturers. GENESIS Device is leading the way in what has become a new era of consumer demand for self-maintenance spas.
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